About Us

Rebels & Martyrs is a small, independent clothing and art brand from southern California. We are inspired by those who live and die by their own rules: the rebels and martyrs of the past and present.

We started the brand in a family garage in 2011. With hard work and some help from a couple of friends, we launched Rebels & Martyrs as a small clothing and art brand. Rebels and Martyrs was–and is–based on the idea that art can inspire people to action. R&M believes in living life rather than only existing, defining your own path instead of following well-worn roads made by others, and standing up for your beliefs–whatever they may be. Our designs represent the outsiders, the misfits, the underdogs, and the iconoclasts.

Our designs are influenced by a variety of sources, from punk, rock, and hip hop music, to tattooing and other arts, to martial arts and board sports.

At the core of the identity of the Rebels and Martyrs brand is defiance. We believe in defying the odds and defying expectations. We believe in defying negativity, weakness, and abuse in all of its forms. We believe in defying ignorance, racism, boredom, and apathy. We also believe in defying trends and conformity.

We don’t think that defiance (or any other idea) can be bought or sold, though–like the old school punk band The Clash once sang about “turnin’ rebellion into money.” That’s not our intent. We only hope that our designs and what they stand for will be worn and appreciated by those who share similar beliefs in individuality, freedom, and protecting what is important.

Rebels & Martyrs is not a brand for everyone, and we like it that way. We hope you do, too.

Thank you for your interest and support.